PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Pop Star Karina Bradley is getting a lot of Philadelphia FM Radio play on 100.3 “The Beat” for her HIT single “Never Mind Love” Ft. Meek Mill.

20110218150044ENPRNPRN SYNERGIZED MEDIA ALBUM 1y 1298041244MR PR Newswire: Pop Star Karina Bradley is Getting a Lot of Philadelphia FM Radio Play on 100.3 The Beat for her HIT Single Never Mind Love Ft. Meek Mill

Karina Bradley, Philadelphia’s newest and hottest pop star is exploding into the music scene with her newest track “Never Mind Love” featuring Meek Mill. This track has been getting airplay all over 100.3 The Beat, one of Philly’s most popular radio stations and two of the stations top DJs, Greg Nitty and DJ Damage have been showing KB a tremendous amount of love and support. Not only is this hit track being spun every day, but KB is part of 100.3′s newest radio campaign. Due to all of the positive feedback from friends and fans alike, an advertisement for “Never Mind Love” will be aired 50 times in ten days, starting July 28.

However, this is not Karina Bradley’s first time getting airplay on a major radio station. KB has radio spins all over the tri-state area, as well as the country, including New York City’s Hot 97. Karina has been interviewed on Eminem’s Shade45/Sirius XM Station by DJ Kay Slay. Karina has also been interviewed on Miss Mimi’s hit show “G-Unit Sundays”. Miss Mimi has endorsed KB as the next up and coming superstar. Both Meek Mill and Karina Bradley are two of the hottest names that are coming out of Philadelphia today. Rapper, Meek Mill, who was recently signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group/Warner Bros. Record Label, is quickly rising to the top of the hip hop charts. Karina Bradley, of Independent Label Synergy Records, is on the fast track of doing the same. Karina has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. In two weeks, Karina Bradley will be releasing her Mix tape titled “Madam President” hosted by DJ Diamond Kuts, with features from Meek Mill, Papoose, Young Chris, TF Mafia, Jakk Frost, and more. The Mix tape will also feature other Karina Bradley hit singles which include “I Bought It,” “Party Like There’s No 2morrow,” “Dance Floor Diva,” and “Damn I Look Good.”

Karina was quoted as saying “It is an amazing feeling to have your record playing in your own city.” “It’s crazy, because my music has played all over the country on Satellite Radio, on FM stations across the country too. Even at huge station like Hot 97 in New York but… it is an incredible feeling to get love from your city. To hear your Music on the Radio in your town. I am loving it”.

Karina Bradley just shot her music video for her REMIX of Ke$ha’s “Sleazy” Track. The Music Video was shot in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The track is another KB hit and the video is going to be equally as awesome. The music video was directed by Caesar Augustus of Augustus Films. The video will be released the 2nd week of August.

Karina Bradley is scheduled on Shade 45 / Sirius Satellite Radio on August 14th. This will be Karina’s fifth time on the station in the last 6 months. (4 times on the Miss Mimi Show and once on the DJ Kay Slay Show). You can call in at 888-SHADE – 45 to speak to Karina Bradley live on the air.

All of this is just the beginning for Philadelphia Pop Star Karina Bradley. Listen to 100.3 The Beat daily to hear her newest single “Never Mind Love” and stay tuned for her mix tape coming out this summer. For more information on Karina Bradley:

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