The 1st Annual Urban Tattoo Convention (UTC) will be held this weekend at Club Amnesia. This is the very first time a tattoo convention will be representing mostly people of color as tattoo artists. The event is being promoted by Urban Ink and Don Diva Magazine.

The pioneer of this event, Al Jeanniton, is a long time renowned tattoo artist & owner of Brooklyn Ink Tattoos & Affliction Tattoo, located in Brooklyn & Manhattan, NY. Renowned DJ and producer Steven Zor will also be hosting the event with TF BODY ART.
1st Annual Urban Tattoo Convention front Karina and Tattoo Artist Paulee Zance team up for the  Urban Tattoo Convention in New York City
Pop singer Karina Bradley was invited by NYC renowned Tattoo artist Paulee Zance, Founder of T.F. (Together Forever) Foundation and owner of TF Body Art in Brooklyn, NY to model for and represent TF Body Art at this historic event. Karina will also perform her latest single “Party Like There’s No 2morrow”. Karina Bradley is set to perform both Saturday and Sunday between 4 and 5pm. Karina will be wearing original “Natasha NYC” outfits for her performances.

Legendary Punk Designer Natasha Adonzio AKA “Natasha NYC” recently teamed up with Karina Bradley and is now planning a series of Fashion Shows and Underground concerts with KB. Natasha will be at the 1st Urban Tattoo Convention with Karina Bradley & Paulee Zance.

Pop singer, Karina Bradley, of Puerto Rican and Italian origins was born in the Bronx NY and currently resides in Philadelphia PA. She is showing a stark debut on the Music Scene. Karina has received so far over 3,500,000 online views. Her MySpace alone has almost 1.1 Million plays in less than 8 months. Karina has several hit singles out among which, “Dance Floor Diva”&“Damn I Look Good”. Karina is set to drop her next single next week “Party Like There’s No 2morrow” recorded at the world renowned Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia. The song was produced and co-written by Dilemma and Karina.

Brooklyn born Paulee Zance is the Founder of TF (Together Forever) Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that helps the underserved communities by encouraging and promoting the young unknown talents around the US and has worldwide ramifications. Paulee Zance was one of the original founders of Hip Hop group Brooklyn Zoo in the mid 90s and is now the co-founder with hip hop artist RAB of the NYC based hip hop group TF Mafia, which has their debut album “Bossilini” now in stores and on Itunes. He owns a recording studio where Producer Hecky Hottraxx performs daily recording sessions for artists in the community. Paulee Zance has been a tattoo artist for over 20 years with a very innovative style. He currently owns a tattoo shop TF BODY ART in Brownsville, East New York where clientele from everywhere eagerly gathers to get an art piece from the tattoo master. Paulee along with his brother Crazy Eddie, also owns a tattoo parlor, Coney Island Ink, in Coney Island, NY.

Paulee Zance & TF Foundation have been featured in several books and magazines such as Vogue Hommes International, Tattoo Outlaw Biker, Tetu Magazine (Parisian publication), Urban Ink, and more. You can visit their website @ TFNYC.COM.