brittany murphy  1 388x505 Karina Bradley's condolences go out to Brittany Murphy and her family

Hey Everyone,

It is such a sad day for Brittany Murphy fans! I want to take this time to remember Brittany Murphy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Brittany Murphy and her family. What a great, young, talented actor!

Brittany Murphy was such a good actor. I have seen a lot of her movies. Brittany’s most memorable roles were in 8 Mile and Clueless. She also had big parts in Sin City, and Girl, Interrupted.

My favorite Brittany Murphy movies were “Uptown Girl” starring Dakota Fanning and “Little Black Book”.

Brittany did not have much growing up but overcame all her troubles and made something for her life.

It is sad to see such a talented Actor pass away at such a young age. This was just the beginning for her.

Ashton Kutcher who worked with Brittany in “Just Married” posted a message on his Twitter page Sunday morning about Murphy’s death. He said, “2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine.”

I hope her family, friend and loved ones can make it through this hard time.